The Lighting Industry

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The indoor and outdoor lighting industries have been an important part of our business for more than 30 years. While it is true that lower quality lighting units are made overseas by the millions, there are still many companies making higher quality products domestically. Even though these companies usually have the ability to do some fabrication themselves, they often come to us for components like retaining clips, extrusion caps and heat shields as well as mounting brackets and control panel face plates.

Our ability to complete projects fast makes us a favorite in the lighting industry because often final designs for end caps and control panels cannot be completed until production quality extrusions and electronics are purchased, measured and in stock. Our customers tell us our low cost tooling system produces burr free, aesthetically pleasing parts that are easy to assemble. These qualities, they believe, are a big step forward over traditional steel rule cutting and CNC punching. Probably our biggest advantage in the lighting industry is our willingness to start with a customer's rough sample or mockup. This allows us to create a first article for their approval or adjustment, then provide finished production parts all within a matter of a few weeks.

The indoor and outdoor lighting industries are made up of artists, engineers and accountants and they all have needs that must be met if a project is going to be successful. Our experience tells us that in this industry, clean and accurate parts produced at a price that makes sense is always the standard we must meet to keep our customers happy. If these standards apply to your next project, then use the contact information on this page to tell us about it today.