Brackets, Chassis and Small Assemblies

Chassis, Brackets & Small Assemblies

When people ask us in social situations what it is that we make, we have learned it's best to keep it simple. Rather than invite the blank stares that the answer, "Custom brackets, chassis and small assemblies" usually gets us, we just smile and start pointing out things in the room or garage we are standing in at the time.

If we are in a person's garage, we might point out the aluminum bracket holding the exhaust pipes on the family's dirt bikes, or the steel brackets used to mount the aftermarket gauges to the boat or 4x4 they enjoy on the weekend. This makes it easy to explain to them that we do lots of parts for the aftermarket motorsports industry. If we are in their living room, we might point to the sturdy assembly that holds the flat screen television to the wall, or the corner pieces that hold their electronics cabinet or flat pack furniture together. Finally, if we are in their office, we can point to that fancy little stand their cell phone is charging on, and, for good measure, the chassis that hold the boards, fans, and sound cards in place on their computer.

At this point, people often nod and start pointing to the door of the family car, or the refrigerator — even the frames of their sliding glass windows. That's when we explain to them that if they got it at Walmart, or if every household has one — like a garage door opener — we likely didn't make it.

The simple truth is, we provide metal bracket fabrication to produce custom chasses and small assemblies. We work with sheet material from .005" to 1/4" thick, in prototype quantities up to about 50,000 per run, for every industry you can think of—from pogo sticks to prosthetics and everything in between. If you think your next project fits this description, then use the contact information on this page to tell us about it or to request a quote.