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Since the start of our company in the early 1970s, the fabrication of aftermarket automotive parts has always been a big part of our business. We work on projects for companies that make performance parts to upgrade newer cars, vintage replacement parts to help restoration catalog companies, and, in the past few years, we have been doing a lot of work for the off road industry.

Whether large or small, these aftermarket auto parts companies share a common concern: budget. Because performance parts companies don't always know what models will be popular, they must produce parts that cover multiple models on limited funds. They tell us that our ability to laser cut and form prototype and limited production run parts without building tooling helps stretch their dollars. Vintage car companies know their parts must look like the original parts and have to be tooled to do so, but because of the limited number of cars still out there, recovering expensive progressive tooling costs can be impossible. Our low cost tooling system gets them the look they want at prices they can afford. The off road guys need us to make heavy durable parts at a price that lets them compete for market share, and our 4000 watt laser and 250 ton presses let us do things other companies can't.

Our biggest advantage, our motor sports customers tell us, is our forty plus years of experience in their industry. We give people answers in minutes, not days, and our ability to work from prints, samples, or even mockups helps us produce parts in weeks, not months.

If our ability to help stretch your budget and get things done quickly and correctly sounds good to you, use the contact info on this page to tell us about your next aftermarket automotive parts project or to request a quote.