Metal Stamping

Metal stampings

Short run stamping is where Chapman Engineering started over 40 years ago, and everything we’ve designed and purchased since was done to help us do it well. Our customers tell us we do a better job of this than our competitors for many reasons, and here are a few:

The first is reliability—we never miss a delivery date. Since we make all our tooling in house, we control when it's finished and how its maintained, and if something breaks we can fix it in hours instead of days. We also have multiple punch presses in every tonnage range, from 20 to 250 tons, so we can run a 30,000 piece production run on one press and several prototype stamping jobs on another, helping to fill 100 piece pre-production orders or prove a design for a customer who would otherwise have to wait months for costly high volume progressive dies to be made. Also, having multiple punch presses in every tonnage means if we have a broken machine, customer lead times don't suffer.

Second is cost effectiveness. Because our hardened and ground tooling components are designed to run in our specially fitted presses, we don't need to sell our customers costly extras that would be needed in other shops. Also, because we control the hardness and clearance on these components, we can cut almost any material from .005” to .250” thick — in some cases even thicker — and still guarantee the tool for life.

Third is design flexibility. Our tooling system lets us make nearly any shape a customer needs, with almost no hand finishing, something CNC punching can't do and CNC milling can't do economically.

To sum it up, when our customers need brackets, chassis, or small assemblies, we give them what they want, when they want it, at price they can afford. If you wish to find out if our system of short run stamping is right for your next production or prototype stamping need, use the contact info on this page to request a quote or find out more today.