Waterjet Cutting

Omax Water Jet Metal Cutting

After getting some experience with our first laser, we could see how a water jet metal cutting machine would be another important piece of equipment to have. The water jet cutting process has the ability to cut almost any material up to 2.000 inches thick without using heat, and was perfect for helping us with jobs the laser couldn't do.

We did some research, then purchased a machine from Omax. The fact that parts and service were both available in Southern California, was again important to us. It meant our customers could expect consistent quality without fear of extended down time. We also found that because the programming software was similar to our laser and wire EDM systems, everybody in our tool-room could program and operate the machine, so we could get things done fast. The machine was easy to set up so we could go from one job to another in minutes. This meant small quantities of parts could be run economically, and on longer run jobs, the machine didn't need to be monitored closely so the operator could perform secondary operations like tapping or reaming parts which is another way of keeping prices low.

The water jet metal cutting machine's ability to generate 40,000 pounds of pressure and use it to cut burr free parts in almost anything including titanium and some synthetics is amazing to see, and gives Chapman Engineering the flexibility to offer its customers three very modern ways to produce custom brackets, chassis and small assemblies. To find out which process is right for your next prototype or production project, use the contact information on this page to get in touch with us today.