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Aftermarket motorcycle
Aftermarket motorcycle parts

One would be correct in thinking that the aftermarket motorcycle parts industry has similar problems to the aftermarket car parts industry. We are happy to say the solutions we provide apply equally well. The aftermarket motorcycle parts industry, however, has very specific problems to deal with that make their jobs even harder. This makes our services all the more valuable to them.

Because motorcycle parts are smaller, and more companies compete to sell similar products, parts like exhaust pipes, skid plates and footpegs often end up displayed next to each other in retail outlets and catalogs. Not only must these products function well, they must look good, too. We understand this, and take great care to produce "burr-free" steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium parts that are cosmetically clean, and equal in quality to the OEM motorcycle parts they are replacing. Additionally, aftermarket motorcycle parts companies often obtain new model motorcycles at the same time. This creates a "rush" to develop, prototype, and produce new products before the competition can, resulting in potentially higher sales. At Chapman Engineering, our lead times are typically half the industry norm, and our customers find this helps them a great deal.

Another thing these companies value is our reputation for privacy. Their well-earned trust allows us access to many engineering departments working on fit and function, as well as product design and development. We consider this a privilege and a benefit that most contract manufacturers are not allowed.

Lastly, in this industry, quality and reliability are the most important things. Nobody wants to buy, and will often return, parts that don't fit well out of the box or that break prematurely. We understand that these parts cost more to replace than they did to produce initially, so we pay attention to the small details, as proven by our growing list of long-time customers.

Whether your company makes relocation or mounting brackets for street bikes and cruisers, or battle-tested, tougher, lighter parts for off-road use, we would love to help you with your next two, three or four wheel project. Please use the contact information on this page to tell us about it or to request a quote.