Laser Cutting

Sheet metal laser cutting

Most modern stamping and sheet metal shops either own or one day hope to own a single sheet metal laser cutting machine. At Chapman Engineering, we own and operate 3 Mazak lasers in 1000, 2500 and 4000 watts, allowing us to cut multiple jobs up to .375" thick at any given time. Additionally, having multiple lasers at our disposal allows us to perform repairs and maintenance without sacrificing our customers’ lead times.

We chose Mazak sheet metal laser cutting machines for several reasons. First, Mazak makes a reliable machine that can cut aluminum, steel, and some plastics, and is not fragile to shop conditions like temperature, dust, and vibration from other equipment. Also, Mazak has a Los Angeles laser cutting equipment repair and parts facility keeping us well supported. I n addition, we feel that because our lasers are economical, when it comes to consumables, we have an advantage when quoting against other shops.

Laser cutting isn't the best answer for every job. Large symmetrical parts with hundreds of holes are better done on a CNC punch, and any job with a volume higher than 250 pieces, or that is likely to repeat, should be quoted as a stamping, as it may be cheaper in the long run. Lasers are perfect for odd shaped parts, large parts, and low volumes, as well as prototype runs. If any of these conditions fit your next requirement, then use the contact information on this page to request a quote or discuss your needs further.